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Making Your Small Law Firm Look Big

Small law firms have advantages over their larger competitors. They operate more efficiently by minimizing unnecessary expenses while having the agility to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. Your small law firm may be better at providing a more personalized experience to its clients. You can be more responsive to feedback, which creates deeper relationships that lead to increased trust and client loyalty. But making your small law firm look big also has its benefits. It gives potential clients security and confidence in purchasing your legal services.

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How to Create an “About Me” Page That Reflects Your Brand

Your website’s “About Me” page is one of its most important elements. A well written “About Me” page that reflects your brand’s message and value proposition builds trust and credibility among prospective customers. It’s an opportunity to share your brand story and create a voice for your business that humanizes it and makes it relatable to your audience. Understanding the needs of that target audience and focusing on how to meet those needs is at the core of a powerful and effective “About Me” page.

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The Essential Pages That Your Business Website Should Have

Website design consists of many factors that work together to create an engaging site that meets your business objectives. Businesses invest time and other resources into the look and functionality of their websites. But many overlook the content that needs to be included in order to maximize the user experience. The pages of your website serve unique functions that guide visitors towards the solutions they need.

website design atlanta

The Obstacles You’ll Need to Overcome When Launching a New Website

Launching your new website is a pivotal point in your business journey. In order to succeed online, your website must play many different roles within your marketing strategy. There are business goals, user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and design factors that must be carefully considered. Failing to address these in the early stages leads to unwanted and costly issues down the line.

Make Your Content Work for You With Paid Promotion

Content marketing isn’t as easy as it used to be. As more businesses realize the value of creating and curating content for their users, businesses must work harder to distinguish themselves from the competition. If you’ve struggled to get your content in front of the right customers, then you’ve probably considered using paid promotions.
Although it does cost you more, it can quickly grow your audience and conversion rates. Paid promotions target your content to the people who are most likely to take action.

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5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has seen a lot of change throughout its history. User behaviors have evolved and the search engines’ ability to provide quality content has greatly improved. But there are some misconceptions about SEO that business owners still have. These misconceptions may be getting in the way of the results that an effective SEO strategy can provide your business.

Is Your Website Millennial-Friendly

Is Your Website Millennial-Friendly?

Today, about half of all Internet users are under age 35. These people grew up in a world where the Internet has always been around. For these users, having only text as a medium to consume content just flat out isn’t acceptable — plus, your brand is likely to be ignored. Rich media, social networking integration and the ability to pull up a site from a smartphone are important aspects a website can bring to this demographic.