Is it better to use Custom or Off-The-Shelf Software?

When you need your website to do stuff (i.e., enhanced functionality), should you use a plugin? or should you build it custom? or even a hybrid? There are benefits of using a plugin: offloading expense and responsibility for staying up to date, for one. But many of our clients don’t fit within the box. Their needs are so specific that an off-the-shelf plugin won’t get the exact function, the exact integration, the exact function they need for their specific business.

Creating a Website as a Resource for Your Internal Team

Most businesses know the importance of having a fully functional website that meets the needs of their customers. But they overlook the ways that a website can serve as a resource for their teams. An internal website can help you manage the information shared between everyone on your team. It can help you overcome challenges that come with shifts in management and changes in operating procedures.